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EDUCATION BACKGROUND: Pursuing Communication Degree, UPJ. Translator. Taught Spanish classes at Laurel Art Center Somerset, PA. T.C Williams HS Alumni and AmeriCorp Alumni. Continuing to participate in Community building training exercises and education.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Life long (LOL). This will be my first year with Beginnings Inc. as a CHW. CHW is a new title for me, but I come with a plethora of experience and education that will facilitate me in achieving positive outcomes. I am a life long advocate for healthy families and Community (Life long= Started as a child translator for my community at the age of seven).

FAMILY LIFE: Originally from Alexandria, Va. My Mother, who is a Lutheran Pastor (ELCA) got her calling in Johnstown, PA and I followed. My passion for family well-being comes from seeing her in action. I am involved in my community (extended family:) and have become an active member for Put People First PA, Poor Peoples Campaign, and the League for Human Decency in Somerset, PA to name a few. I really enjoy my church ladies, they are the cherry to my life. I also do yoga and meditation as much as I can with my local friends.

WHAT I LIKE THE BEST: I have an opportunity to share my gifts. I love that we have access to families and are able to meet them where they are at. We are here as a family to facilitate a quality of life that everyone deserves. We are here to help meet goals that will produce fulfilled, productive lives and in return we get to witness families and communities flourish.

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