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Education Background: Graduated from North Star High School, BS in Human Resources, an MS in Organizational Leadership and a Doctorate in Nonprofit Management.

Years of Experience: I consider myself a professional volunteer. I have spent many years volunteering as well as working in nonprofit organizations and this is where my passion lies. Currently I am the chairperson for two totally volunteer driven organizations. One is the Chillin’ for Charity Winter Festival & Arctic Splash that provides a venue for local charities to raise funds through encouraging their friends to take a refreshing dip in the waters of the Quemahoning Reservoir in February. It’s the coolest thing you can do here in Western Pennsylvania in the Winter. I am also the president of Trinity Farms Center for Healing, a newly formed charitable organization that provides healing opportunities through animal assisted interventions and the great outdoors. An amazing combination.

Family Life: My husband George and I have been blessed with a blended family of 8 remarkable children who have in turn, blessed us with 17 AMAZING grandchildren. My favorite part of being a parent is now watching our children parent… and raising children that are exactly like they were. It’s life’s little reward for surviving the frustrations of the teen age years!

What do I like Best: What I like best about my job are the people… I feel Beginnings, Inc. has THE best group of early childhood professionals in the Laurel Highlands, if not the State. They go above and beyond what is expected of them with the services they provide, to ensure that the families they work with have all the supports they need to be successful. They never say “that’s not my job” they say “what can I do to help”. It’s a humbling experience.



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