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Education Background: Cambria-Rowe Business College, Medical Secretary
Years in this profession: After spending my career in the healthcare field and focusing on raising my children until they were school-aged, in 2018 I made the shift to the human services field, with a focus on child welfare.
Family Life: I share my life with my husband Alan, two children and dogs.  Alan and I met in our high school band and our connection to musical arts lives on through our children.  As a family we are involved in numerous music programs, dance and theatre.  I love to unplug by connecting to the energy of Momma Earth.
What I like best about the work I do: So often, I become involved with families when a light has stopped shining in their lives. I am humbled to have the opportunity to provide a spark through way of connection, support and service that may help let the light shine back into their lives.
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